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Heritage Dental Group of Rockwall Provides Children’s Dentistry

The friendly children’s dentistry team at Heritage Dental Group will ensure your child’s oral health with regular checkups, professional cleanings, and cavity protection. In Rockwall, Rowlett, and Mesquite, you can rely on Dr. Cheryl Smith to protect the beauty and wellbeing of your child’s pearly whites.

During a children’s dentistry six-month checkup, we assess overall dental health, look for signs of tooth decay and bacterial infections, and educate your child about appropriate oral hygiene. At Heritage Dental Group of Rockwall, we’ll take good care of your child’s oral health, and alleviate your concerns about cavities and other potential problems, such as gum disease.

There are two main ways the children’s dentistry professionals at Heritage Dental Group can add cavity protection to your child’s teeth. With dental sealants, we paint the back teeth with a very thin, long-lasting plastic. Dental sealants protect the ridges and valleys of the molars from food particles and oral bacteria. In addition, we can apply fluoride supplements to give your child’s teeth an extra boost of cavity protection. It only takes a few minutes, and the process can be completed during the children’s dentistry appointment.

Trust your child’s smile with the friendly team at Heritage Dental Group of Rockwall. We offer children’s dentistry and more for families in Rockwall, Rowlett, and Mesquite. Don’t wait! Make an appointment now, and ensure your child’s dental health.